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Vaporizer – Vaporizing Your Clouds

The VapeCiga uwell is one of the latest products from the leading manufacturer of vaporizers. They are a new entrant into the market and are currently dominating the entire Uwell category. The well has been designed with the individual in mind. You can use it to achieve a comfortable experience when you are on the go or doing other things that require you to smoke while on the move. This makes the Uwell extremely convenient as it can be taken anywhere and used anytime you want. It is perfect for those moments when you are in a hurry and need a quick, easy way to take in your favorite vaporizing fluid.

vapeciga uwell  caliburn vape

The vaporizer is extremely compact and can be conveniently taken in one hand. The device has an easy to grip handle that makes it extremely comfortable. There is no longer any need to strain your muscles trying to squeeze the tube out. With the innovative “Vaping Attachment” you simply insert the top of the concentrate reservoir and your vaporizer is ready to go. No messy liquids required!

The VapeCiga Uwell comes complete with two concentrators. One large concentrator and one smaller one. You can choose which type of concentrator you would like based on how much you like to vaporize. You can choose between different wattage levels also. Each concentration has its own unique feature such as auto shut off, auto start, temperature control, and more.

The only thing you should remember about these products is that they are all electronic. This means that you must be familiar with your own electrician. If you don’t know someone then it might be best to call your local hardware store or even your local gas station to see if they have someone knowledgeable enough to install the equipment for you. They should be able to perform the job quickly and professionally so that you can enjoy the perfect Vaping experience once you have everything in place. That is what we all want, a perfect experience.

Another great thing about the VapeCiga Uwell vaporizer is that you don’t need to worry about running out of liquid when you need it most. Most of the units will hold up to five quarts of fluid at most. The built in reservoir will keep your fluid replenished automatically. As long as you never forget to refill your reservoir you will never have to worry about running out of water ever again!

Now, for the part that everyone seems to rave about, the actual Vaping experience. This is hands down the best way to inhale all the wonderful vapors that are available. Each device has a very cool fan built right into the structure to push the fluid through quickly. You will never have to strain to get a nice flavorful vapor from your favorite blend.

The Uwell’s unique ability to use both the bottom and top makes it extremely easy to mix your favorite liquids. With the built in blender it’s a snap to make your favorite fruity concoction. The built in reservoir makes it easy to pour refills into the basket so you always have a full bottle of your favorite flavor. The Uwell truly is the perfect desktop unit for all of your liquid needs. It’s affordable, flavorful, and easy to use.

You’ll love the vaporizer that VapeCiga well produces. It’s powerful, it’s unique, and it is quite simply the most amazing product that you could possibly have. If you ever want to wake up in the morning and breathe in the sweet aroma of fresh coffee, or enjoy the menthol taste of your fruity summer blend, then the well is the perfect solution for you. You’ll be done with your day before you know it. The Uwell Vaporizer is worth trying if you want to experience all the benefits that it offers. All vaporizers are designed to do a few things, but this one combines those different essences into one streamlined package that delivers superior performance.

That old sofa: renovate or discard?

Currently, tempt yourself to do away with all the dirty as well as shoddy things, particularly the couch where your family is lazy throughout the winter. Instead of tossing your old friend into a garbage dump, consider using among these interesting sofa renovation suggestions to repurpose it.


Redecoration: brand-new skins for old pals

Reorganizing the sofa is not a timid job, however the outcome of this Do It Yourself is the manufacturing of personalized furnishings up until May. Before you start the interior decoration project, please take the sofa as it is currently. Take extra images while disassembling; embellishing is an extremely aesthetic task, photos will aid if you encounter issues on the way.

Do It Yourself Queen Stephanie suggests that you ask the following concerns: Is the frame strong? Is the cushion strong? How many areas should you cover? What type of decorative material will you make use of? Idea: Select your preferred strong woven layout from a high quality vendor.

Fixing as well as redecorating old sofas calls for elbow grease, patience and also additional fabric staples. Luckily, the Net provides free detailed support on the gold mine on the couch.

Sofa cover: a less complex remedy

If the idea of tearing the couch to pieces makes you really feel comfortable, do not fret: couch covers offer a less complex, much less invasive option, and also have the exact same exceptional outcomes.

Cut large pieces of fabric to cover the length and also size of the sofa, pillows, pillows, and also arms appropriately. Pre-wash and also iron the material to make it fit completely. Arm on your own with needles, threads, many pins and also thorough operation plans.

Sofa Cash: Offer your sofa

If you do not desire DIY as well as the sofa is in good condition, you can attempt to market it on CraigsList or Prior to listing, please study the rate and rate of furniture like yours. Be sure to define exactly how to accumulate the sofa in the advertisement and allow potential customers understand the size and also approximate weight of the sofa. You can also attempt to consign things at your local second hand store.


Furnishings complimentary gift: complimentary present

If it is still available, please take into consideration donating your old couch to a charity such as Goodwill or any kind of neighborhood thrift store. Or, please consult your regional college drama department or community playhouse; they might appreciate props. Freecycle is a non-profit sharing/recycling internet site and among the best locations to list items free of charge. Often, you can even subtract tax obligation reductions for furniture contributions.

Free sofa with moving cover

Your tiresome Davenport does not need to landfill forever. Consider your choices: you can refurbish it. You can sell it. You can offer it away completely free. Whatever you do, don’t surrender your living-room friends. Finding your sofa is an innovative brand-new objective, and you-or others-will advantage.

So, in which instructions are you going on the old couch? Change or graze? What creative approaches have you required to utilize old couches or any type of old-fashioned furniture for new objectives? Disassembly process.

What Everyone Needs to Know Before Buying Their Next Couch

In our daily life, furniture plays a very important role. In our house, the living room is a very important place, and the status of the sofa in the living room is beyond doubt. So what should we pay attention to when buying a sofa, and what are the factors that affect the sofa? Let’s talk about the sofa.


We found that the cushion structure is the most important factor in determining the comfort and service life of a sofa, sofa chair or chair.

A recent survey in the furniture industry shows that most consumers expect their new sofas to last only 3-5 years. This estimate may be very correct, but most consumers are surprised by the short life span. Consumers who have been concerned about the durability of furniture usually ask questions about the structure and fabric of the frame/base. In fact, many “cheap” frames and cheap fabrics can last more than 5 years.

The cushion is almost the first part of a sofa or sofa, it will wear out and need to be replaced.

Unfortunately, most manufacturers and retailers have difficulty replacing worn or damaged cushions. Because the replacement of cushions usually requires cooperation with professional custom decorators, and the price is very expensive.

Most cushions sold with mid-to-low-priced upholstered furniture basically lose their shape and comfort within 1-3 years, and need to be replaced within 3-5 years.

Most sofas and sofas sold in the U.S. have three basic types of cushion structures
Coil spring
Many cushions are made using a combination of two or three of these structures.

Foam is the most common cushion structure. It has several different densities at the same time.

Each foam density has many different hardnesses. Although most people think that density and hardness are synonymous, they are actually quite different. Most foam suppliers now usually provide residential furniture cushions with a common density of 4-5, ranging from 1.5 to 2.5. This number represents the weight (in pounds) of 1 cubic foot of foam. Each of these foam pads in different densities can be provided with 10 or more different hardnesses (from very soft to very strong).

The life expectancy of foam pads mainly depends on the density and thickness of the foam.

Another important factor is whether the foam is HR, even with high resilience, it can better recover its shape after use. However, the frequency of use and the number of people using the cushion will also affect the service life of the cushion.

The “sturdiness” of the foam pad has little effect on life expectancy. However, since most consumers equate “sturdiness” with durability, cheap foam is often made “very strong.” However, for low-density foams, this “particularly hard” feeling will not last long.

The foam used in affordable residential furniture cushions is usually between 1.5 and 2.0. Lower density foam is often used for cushions or cushions that extend over the arms or other parts of the frame. Higher densities (2.0-2.5) can be found on more expensive residential furniture. Foams with a density of 3.0 or higher can be used in furniture designed for heavy commercial or public institutions. The higher the foam density, the higher the cost of the cushion. Changes in hardness usually do not affect cost. HR (high resilience) foam is more expensive than non-HR foam.

For household furniture sold in the United States, the most commonly used foam density is 1.8.


Foams described as “high density” without any specific numbers are usually 1.8 density foams. The foam core is usually between 4″-6″ in thickness and is usually wrapped with polyester fiber. The fiber wrap is usually 0.5-1.5 inches thick on the top and bottom of the mat. It can soften the feel of the cushion and increase the total cushion thickness by 2-3 inches, but it has no effect on the service life. A 4-inch thick foam core made of 1.8-density HR (high resilience) foam can be used for an average of about 2 years before the foam starts to lose its ability to rebound and retain its shape. A 5-inch thick foam core made of 1.8-density HR (high resilience) foam can last about 3 years on average before the foam starts to lose its ability to rebound and retain its shape.

After the deterioration process begins, the foam cushion is usually still usable for several years. Foams that are not highly resilient will degrade more quickly.

The actual foam density will vary during the manufacturing process. A change of 0.1 is considered normal. A foam with a density of 1.8 may actually be 1.7 or 1.9. Major changes are not uncommon. There are many sofas sold for cheaper (lighter weight), foam with a density of 1.5, and even within a year of purchase, the degradation rate is even faster.

The total thickness of the cushion may or may not indicate the durability of the cushion.

Those “value-for-money” sofas sometimes put some cushions on the soft cushions, and a few inches of polyester fiber are wrapped around the foam core. The polyester fiber will compress quickly, which will cause the mat to deform. Higher-quality sofas usually use 1″-1.5″ fiber on each side of the cushion. Lower quality sofas may use up to 3 inches of fiber on each side. Thicker fiber layers are an inexpensive way to add cushions in the short term. Crude fibers compress quickly and cause the mat to deform (usually within a year).

If you want to get more than 5 years of use time from the sofa, then you need to find a better quality sofa.

Higher-priced sofas usually use thicker foam with a density of at least 2.0. But it is better to be higher.

Cushions with built-in coil spring support are usually (but not always) more durable than low-density foam cushions.

Because these coil springs are surrounded by a foam boundary (usually 1.5 or 1.8 density), then additional cushions are filled on the top and bottom. Down/feathers are usually used as cushions together with coil springs. The down/down “jacket” is used as a filling layer on the top and bottom to soften the feel of the cushion. Other common filling materials used in combination with spiral spring pads are generally memory foam and polyester fiber.

The down hybrid cushion is a combination of down/feather and foam core cushion. Compared with the solid board of similar density foam, the service life of down mixed air cushion is relatively short.

When down/feathers are used with coil springs or foam cores, the down of the mixture will usually drop by about 5% (or less) with the rest of the down. Because down is much more expensive than feathers, the cost is too high. More expensive furniture may use a higher percentage of fluff. But down is much softer than feathers. 100% down/feather cushions were very popular in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Because of the high cost and the need to loosen the cushion every time you stand, they are not so common today. Down/feather will not have “elasticity” after use, and will not bounce back by itself like foam or coil springs after use.

No matter how much money you spend on purchasing the cushions, they are almost not covered by the warranty.

Guarantees (including extended guarantees) are usually written as required, so that anything that happens on the mat is considered “normal wear and tear” * or “abuse” *. As long as you have any of these conditions, your warranty will usually be invalidated-even if the mat was purchased for less than a year. Therefore, a small tip for consumers who want to buy furniture is to pick them up to test cushions when buying sofas. Generally, if the cushion feels “light”, it means that your sofa life expectancy is very short. The longest cushion will be the heaviest.

The cushion structure is a key factor that affects the comfort and service life of the sofa. Because of the difference in structure, the price is different. When buying, you need to think about which sofa you need to buy.

Decorated rustic home

Whose life (or house) cannot use natural resources? Inject fresh energy into the room. Antique furniture is a very popular design fashion in home design. It injects natural decoration into the house in a surprising way.


What is country design?
The rustic interior design is defined by natural, organic lines and superb structure. outdoor. Features of country-style houses include:

The open layout allows a clear line of sight.
Huge windows can establish a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor.
The revealed architectural features of wood, rocks, and blocks highlight the authenticity of the structure.
Other designs can be included in adjacent natural elements, creating a pleasant dissonance.
Bassett Furnishings Distressed Wooden Coffee Box

Improve country style
The house with a unique country-style design requires interior design elements that complement the architectural style. This design can be identified by the all-natural structure, neutral colors, basic patterns, solid wood and all-natural light. Here are some ideas for decorating country houses:

The usage reveals that the wood beam as close as possible to its natural state provides warmth, lightness and rustic charm that attracts any place.
Use wide plank lumber for flooring and paneling. Choose natural or neutral spots or incomplete spots.
The fireplace imitates our original and true basic heat, and ensures that it provides natural warmth and beauty while also creating a rustic appearance. Use a lot of natural stone or bricks on the mantelpiece.
Paint the walls white to reduce the natural wood character of the house. Or incorporate other neutral, earth tones, which will not distract the natural feeling of the residence. Sandstone, rich tan and tan, and woodland eco-friendly and sage also bring the tranquility of nature into your house.
Only use natural textiles for upholstered furniture and carpets. Linen, wool, natural leather and canvas are all free choices.
With jute cushions, well-designed branches, woven baskets, and fascinating rock development and driftwood, including various natural rich structures.
Fill your country house with low-key flowers and plants. Guide you away from irritable, frivolous appearance. Dry eucalyptus, glass containers filled with succulents, and simple flower stands for Queen Anne’s shoelaces are excellent choices.
Choose window therapy to absorb as much natural light as possible and provide a simple and clear aesthetic for your rural residence.
What is country style furniture?
Country furniture commemorates the natural elements of a work, and it has become a complete piece of furniture. The surface area does not have to be smooth; they will appear weather-beaten or distressed. The material is usually wood, especially oak, cherry, maple or walnut; usually, the knots in the wood are more precious than the covered ones. The form is very simple, sometimes heavy, and the color is just as natural.


Customized traditional furniture has been developed,
The earliest antique furniture craftsman was Pastor Ben Davis. He started his craft creation in North Carolina in the early 1900s, which is very close to the establishment of Bassett Furnishings in terms of time and distance.

Today, we continue this craft and still use the old way (reading: difficult). The Bench * Made series is a line to showcase our country style furniture. Each piece is custom-made by craftsmen in Bassett, Virginia. We use red maple from the Appalachian region, so every product is 100% made in the United States. Our craftsmen develop custom country style furniture one by one. Would you definitely want a traditional clean edge? Or do you prefer a rustic, vivid tailored look? Let us understand your needs and we will produce Bench * Made items that suit your area.

We also provide the Heartland Pine series of furniture, including this Heartland Pine round alcoholic beverage table. This line preserves the natural characteristics of the wood, providing an informal appearance triggered by the random plank impact of the wood and the antique bronze knob.

If you like the look of the French countryside, please consider our Verona collection. Every item, including this Verona dressing table, can bring you an organic and comfortable atmosphere. The production line provides simple and comfortable sophistication.

We have inherited the tradition that Pastor Davis began a century ago: manufacturing top-quality furniture powered by nature and developed by artisans.

This is the design of the country house, and the meaning of this design is to inject fresh energy into the interior. The most representative of these is antique furniture, which injects natural decoration into the house in a surprising way.

DIY retro paint painting to rebuild retro sofa

With the passage of time, the old-fashioned furniture of the past may have disappeared a few years ago, but it has indeed reappeared in people’s vision in the past two years, and the popularity has not decreased.

retro sofa1
Retro sofa

Today, I have to do one thing-rebuild the retro sofa. I have seen vintage retro sofas that have been refurbished many times, and the last one I saw was a few painted with fabric, I was thinking why I can’t do this?

Painting the fabric of the sofa is actually very simple, and it can save a lot of time when refurbishing the sofa or lover’s seat, because you don’t need to redecorate. Plus bonus, usually you have extra paint on hand, so the price is not high!

Below I will guide you step by step how to refurbish a vintage retro sofa.

  1. How to cover an old sofa

Things to prepare for the project:

I. Selected paint and paint brush
II. Water and bowl or basin to hold water
III. Sanding machine, sandpaper, etc.
IV.Worx MakerX production tool
V. Paint Brush
VI. Rags or old towels
VII. Sealing machine of choice

  1. Before painting on the sofa

I have had this vintage retro sofa for a while now, but I am not sure if I am ready to start this project. I know it will be difficult and tedious to redo the entire sofa. I didn’t even plan to try it until I received the Worx MakerX tool. But I know that once I have the tools, I can easily complete this project.

Multifunctional tools allow me to really polish all small and narrow wood areas on the sofa. The following is the process I completed with paint on the sofa!

The first step is to remove the liner and hardware from the sofa
Begin to remove backing boards, nails or staples, and unnecessary fabrics from the sofa. I chose to remove all the backing and keep the paint on the front pad area. The sofa cushions were torn and torn, so I couldn’t use them to paint.

The second step is to paint the interior sofa
The color of the paint I used in this project is green, which is Benjamin Moore’s Chimmichuri color, with semi-gloss furniture paint. Add linen white Annie Sloan chalk paint as an auxiliary paint.

To paint fabric on the sofa, you need to do two things. Wet fabric and paint off the water. You want to dye the fabric more than the actual paint. Water the paint to make the fabric really wet, so that the fibers can absorb and dye instead of adding a thick layer on top.

I took out a piece of cloth from the back of the sofa to test the paint. Before painting the samples, I wet the fabric with a damp cloth.

In the upper left and upper right, I allocated 1:5 water proportionally for painting. There is almost no water. As you can see, it is thicker and once the sample dries, it makes the fabric stiff and too stiff.

In the lower left and right corners, the ratio of water to paint is 3:5. I only use half the paint and half the water. It dries lighter, but is soft to the touch. Dye the fabric so that it does not become stiff.

Then use a rag and a bowl of water to soak the fabric on the sofa. I got the rest of the entire back and sides wet.

I added water to the paint to a ratio of 3:5, and then painted the fabric. Painting becomes easier.

The first coat is now. I did not use the tape to peel off, because I have to sand the wood with sandpaper after painting.

After waiting 20 minutes for the first coat of paint to dry, I sanded the fabric with 120 grit sandpaper. Remove any roughness. Doing so will peel off the thicker paint and make it more comfortable to sit up later.

After the first polishing is completed. You will see that there are many spots that do not absorb the fabric. So I made another coat. Let it dry and sand once. So there are two coats of paint in total.

After both coats are dry, close it.

retro sofa2
Retro sofa

Step 3: Sandwood on the sofa
After painting the fabric, I will go down to the sand wood and paint green as well.

In this project, there are many small gaps and groves that need to be polished. Fortunately, I have the Worx MakerX production tool. It is convenient to sand in these small gaps.

The Worx MakerX unique tool combo kit is portable and plug-in battery makes it super easy to carry and use many types of projects. I used it to polish these small gaps and it worked well. The size of the precision tool is perfect for this job.

To use Worx MakerX, choose between multiple different heads. For this project, I used two different small sanding options. To change them, you can pull the top like a drill bit and unscrew the bottom. It only takes a few seconds to replace parts.

After making your choice, all you have to do is plug the handheld tool into the battery so you can carry it with you. Turn on the power and select the speed. The speed range is from slow to true. The battery can be used continuously.

Step 4 paint wood
After polishing, I painted the wood with green paint. I use the same paint brush and add it to the coat.

Step 5 Distress Wood
I chose to sand the wood with sandpaper to give it more texture and characteristics. I used 120 grit sandpaper.

The sixth step seal wood
I choose to use wax wood sealant to seal. I wiped a small amount with a paper towel.
After drying for 15 minutes, I wiped off the wax with a microfiber cloth and it was done.

Retro fabric painting sofa after review
After finishing all the operations, I added cushions to the sofa. 4 mats of size 20×20 are very suitable! The tufted sofa cushion comes from Target.

After adding cushions, the old retro sofa is rebuilt. Because my upholstery fabric is white, I only applied two layers. If the fabric is darker, plan to coat more.

I strongly suggest that you can carry out this simple DIY project. You can learn a lot in the process of doing this project. You can also re-recognize the history of vintage retro sofa.

How do you choose the lounge sofa that suits your bedroom?

If you want to refresh your bedroom, why not control it by adding unexpected focus? This accidental focus is to buy a home recliner to put in your bedroom, it can add a sense of refinement and comfort to your bedroom. A relaxing sofa is a great way to refresh the home decor of your bedroom. Lounge sofas can provide a variety of styles and functions: they have a variety of styles, from modern sofas to classic sofas, all designed for stretching and relaxation.

lounge sofa 1
Our Work

Whether you want to put upholstered recliners in the bedroom for easy reading, or you want to relax and rest before going to bed, the following suggestions will help you find a relaxing sofa that suits your bedroom style and create a romantic Atmosphere.

For most people, when they hear the term “lounge sofa”, the first thing they think of is a more formal and traditional style, which is generally used in the living room or lounge. However, whether used indoors or outdoors, lounge sofas come in many styles. As long as you can set the appropriate style and choose the appropriate style and size, you can place them in any position of the house. , The effect is different.

The luxury and comfort of lounge sofas depend on the fabrics and colors they use. Now lounge sofas look stylish and luxurious. If you want to add some retro touch to your living room, you can buy a dark leather lounge sofa with polished mahogany feet, and you can also use one or two casual pillows to contrast the smooth texture and set off A trace of retro atmosphere.

If you want to curl up on the lounge sofa in the bedroom for a while on a weekend morning, it may not be very comfortable to use smooth leather or vinyl fabric for a long time, then you should look for a lounge made of polyester or cotton A sofa to relax in a soft place and make the body and mind happy.

lounge sofa 2
lounge sofa

Cream-colored leather sofas and soft blankets can add some airiness to your bedroom. For a more modern decoration style, please consider using some brightly colored upholstered sofas without armrests, such as bright red and soft orange.

The lounge sofa in the bedroom has many uses, not only as an elegant decoration, but also as a place to relax, read books, newspapers, and have a cup of coffee. The lounge sofa is very suitable for making your bedroom relaxed.

If you want a soft feeling to invade your most private space, then you must consider using the lounge sofa in the bedroom to make it a more relaxing room, so that you can experience a weekend A good and relaxed mood.

Are Ergonomic Office Chairs Better Than Normal Chairs?

Office Chairs1

In the current office furniture, many businesses are branding the ergonomic office chair. What is an ergonomic office chair? If an ordinary chair refers to a chair with limited ergonomic functions, then the answer to this question is yes. Ergonomic chairs or chairs with ergonomic adjustment capabilities, these chairs can provide a variety of extra support for the human body and the adjustments we need to sit comfortably on the chair. This helps people working in the office to reduce back and neck problems that may be caused by sitting in “normal” chairs.

Let us discuss the ergonomic functions of the ergonomic chair:

Lumbar support

People who often cannot afford to sit in the office often feel soreness in the lower back. This is because the lumbar support of the office chair is limited, and the lumbar support function of the ergonomic office chair can provide the proper support for your lower back. , And can prevent shaking. In an ideal situation, if you often sit in a chair all day, an office chair with this function is your ideal choice.

Adjustable seat height

The seat height adjustment function of the chair is easy to explain-it is capable of adjusting the seat height of the chair. So depending on the suitability of the office chair, you may or may not need to adjust the chair seat to suit your needs. When adjusting the height of the seat, please remember to sit up straight with your feet touching the ground. Do not hang your feet on the chair. This is bad for the human body.

Adjustable back height

After sitting upright, you can adjust the height of the backrest to suit your own height. The backrest height adjustment function allows you to adjust the backrest of the office chair to a suitable height, so as to obtain the proper lumbar support you need, so that you can get a more comfortable sitting posture.

Adjustable armrest

These adjustable armrests allow you to move the armrest up and down or left and right. These are very helpful if the arm’s current setting is not correct and hinders you. Many ergonomic chairs are equipped with adjustable armrests, but only one of these two functions is possible instead of both.

Seat depth

If you can adjust the seat depth of the chair, you can sit more comfortably. Because you should know that when you have enough space to sit completely on the seat and the joints such as the back of your knees can comfortably lean against the edge of the seat, it will feel comfortable.

All of the ergonomic adjustments of these office chairs require a lot of consideration. A good first step is to determine what is necessary for you and stick to the budget so that you can get the features you need.

Should i buy a black sofa

black sofa1
black sofa

It’s no secret that dark colors are rapidly becoming the new neutral tones, and this may tempt you to buy a black sofa. However, before you introduce a darkest color to the largest piece of furniture in your room, you need to consider the following decoration techniques.

If black is the new “neutral” color, should I buy a black sofa?

Since black is a new popular neutral color that is rapidly replacing the original neutral gray, I think it’s time to talk about black sofas. During the popular period in Tuscany, brown was the most common sofa color. During the gray trend, charcoal was the IT sofa. Now, it is back to the 80s, with forest green and black sofas.

Now, Tuscany brown (including golden beige) and gray sofas look outdated. White sofas are impractical sofas for many of us, so even though I know some of you have already considered this issue. But I think it’s time to share my thoughts on the black sofa.

I found some elegant appearances in the sofas sold on the market, such as velvet sofas. But overwhelmingly, most people feel vivid and insignificant. I think the current trend is moving towards a softer, more layered appearance.

Therefore, as you know, helping you get more color is my life mission. As I have said many times before: colors are always more eternal than the current popular neutral colors.

Black sofa is a matter of contrast

I think the current challenge for black sofas is that it becomes more difficult to introduce softness, especially color, into the room after the black sofa settles.

Black is a color with high contrast and graphic sense. Black is not all colors. The sofa is huge-this is an extremely heavy space with black. This is why black sofas are always more risky than gray or even brown sofas. They are a firm commitment to the heaviest color on earth.

black sofa2
black sofa

In the various images I have seen, many whites (including white walls) are used to balance the black sofa. But does the balance of opposites have the right to attract? Yes, but because black and white are extreme opposites. And the distance between them is so great that most of the time they look cold and vivid.

Contrast is one of the most important and challenging aspects of design, and the return of black sofas prompted this problem to surface.

What is the best color for the sofa?

I have always said that buying a sofa in the color you like is the most eternal choice.

This is the neutral of fashion and the fastest fusion. Especially dark and neutral. However, when people buy items with a single color and large items (such as sofas), they are very conservative in color. That’s too bad. Because when you put these things together in the same room, you only have so many places for uniform color injection. Such as sofas, carpets, accent chairs, walls and large artworks. However, you will notice that these are not some small and easy-to-buy products. So this is why so many people finally put all the rooms in the neutral state of the current “safe” fashion. kes! All safety-neutral designs are not good, brown, monotonous gray, black is definitely a disaster! It looks like the 80s.

I can only say that a big black sofa is a particularly challenging design element. I bet that in the long run, you will prefer to curl up with your favorite coral, green or blue sofa instead of black. Because the sofa used has a black interior, you will be forced to create a room that looks like an unsaturated photo. This will give people an uncomfortable feeling.

The black sofa is bossy

Because black enjoys its own unique colorless company. So you have to work harder to introduce colors into the palette.

Of course, some rooms have black sofas, which look good. But they look so specific and well thought out, far from simple and easy. I found that some sofas have dark walls, which can make the black sofas recede gradually.

If you want to create a gorgeous room, then a black glossy sofa is best for this room. However, if you want a casual, comfortable appearance and suitable for daily life, then a black sofa will not be good for you.

So, if you already have a black sofa, do you want to introduce some colors? Then you will need a lot of white, in addition, you can use warm cognac brown, dark and leafy green, and gold to balance it. Pink is also an excellent color in a warm black and white palette.

If you want to match a black sofa, it is best to choose a light-colored carpet. Dark carpet will make the room look heavy. The combination of the two looks very dull and uncomfortable.

Leopard print is a great way to repeat black and layering in warm gold and cognac tones.

Will the black sofa trend continue?

Yes. If you want to indulge in the black and white trend, I suggest you first introduce black in a smaller dose rather than the entire sofa.

This is my prediction: ten years from now, you can’t wait to get rid of the black sofa.

What do you think of this upcoming new black world? How would you create a comfortable room based on the black exterior and interior?

Minimalist life: questioning the floor sofa

floor sofa1
floor sofa

Have you ever seen a house without a floor couch?

I think I don’t have one. I have seen my friend’s house, relative’s house and neighbor’s house. Since I was little, I have been thinking about the house I will live in later. I thought about the houses I saw on TV, movies and magazines.

From humble studios to multi-million dollar McMansions, from downtown to suburbs to shops, you can hardly find a living room without a floor couch.

When considering this decorative theme, I realized that our floor couch has always been a key to our decoration. Because when we look for a house or apartment, we first want to know how the layout will accommodate it. After moving in, we will spend some time trying its best orientation and placement (relative to the wall? At an angle? Facing a window or TV?). In some cases, we even bought new ones because the old ones did not fit our newly dug style or size.

Naturally, after finding an apartment in the UK, the first problem that appeared was the floor couch. We lived for two weeks without a piece of furniture (a paradise of minimalism!), but our backs became a little numb when sitting on the wooden floor.

Personally, I would choose to buy some floor mats and call it a day. Because no matter how comfortable the decoration of the room is, I usually lie on the floor. I feel more relaxed on the ground. Whether I am eating, reading or surfing the Internet, this is where you can usually find me.

However, this is only suitable when I live alone. When you have your significant other or guests, you can’t ask them to sit on the floor together. In order to make them have a more comfortable seat, So we began to find the way to floor couch. We spent a weekend conducting various searches on the Internet and visited many furniture stores to find the perfect floor couch for our new apartment. We studied a lot of every type (from futons to double seats to partitions) or collocations imaginable, and tried to imagine their appearance in an open-plan living room.

When your significant other suddenly asked you: “Do we really need a floor couch?”, we just chose a piece of furniture with a mid-century modern design.

floor sofa2
floor sofa

Do we really need floor couchs? Well, this is a good question. We took a break from shopping and had a discussion. Because we do not have a TV, we are not sure what the floor couch will face. In addition, we always have to sit side by side instead of facing each other, unless we buy some chairs. In this way, the more we think about it, the less the floor couch will attract us. Not to mention it may need more furniture to balance it.

therefore. We came to the conclusion that we not only do not need floor couchs, but also other furniture. We don’t even want one.

But does it feel strange? We all want to know what we think when a landlord, guest or family member comes to visit, and finally found an empty place where we should put the floor couch. But then we came to the conclusion: we have been considered a bit weird, because we quit our good jobs, gave up everything we had and moved to a foreign country. Why not go bankrupt to confirm our (already suspected) weirdness? Why not live in a house without a floor couch?

Therefore, instead of putting money on a bulky, expensive floor couch (one day we will have to resell it), we decided to adopt a lighter, mobile and versatile option: just to combine two IKEA Poang chairs and one The coffee table is placed in our Mini and is on the way. So far, we have completed the task of providing apartments.

Of course I am not suggesting that minimalists should not have floor couchs. I mean, we should first consider why we have our own jobs. We should adapt our property to our lifestyle, not the other way around. We should not have other things because of expectations, nor should we feel pressured because of having other things. We should be free to have only those things that meet our needs.

In our case, at this specific location and at this specific time, the floor couch cannot meet our needs, so we simply decided not to have one. So, what items are you sure you don’t need to own? I wish to know them!

Wooden furniture: create your own unique style statement

Wooden furniture1
Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture can catch the audience’s sight and soothe the audience’s mood. Its elegant and atmospheric appearance makes people feel refreshed. This kind of furniture is a manifestation of various types of houses from traditional to modern. Houses decorated with wood in the traditional way give them an old-world charm, while in modern houses, wooden furniture adds an elegant appearance. Unique charm and environmental protection properties have created its unique value!

First declare the furniture: what is this?

If you feel unable to answer this question, then let us answer your question. This is a piece of furniture that exactly matches the location, color and space of a specific area of ​​the room. Whenever you enter the place, distinctive furniture can attract your attention. But there is always a piece of furniture that always attracts people’s attention because it does not have the appearance you want. This is its essence. For example, it can be a brown and round wooden table with carvings on it, lying on the edge of the room, right next to the red wall with beautiful paintings. The image alone is enough to make you feel its elegance, isn’t it?

How to make your own personalized furniture with wood?

When making wood furniture, you seem to have an advantage that you don’t have to buy a lot of things to make your own furniture with wood. The best part of making wooden furniture is that the wood can be recycled and reused. If you already have a wooden thing, you can refurbish it or convert it to another piece. You can even try to use wood finish to make some distinctive works. It’s like if you have a worn wooden chair, you can just polish it and place it in the most suitable position for the room tone, or you can convert it into a smaller but more attractive chair. In the same way, you can cleverly choose the smallest table design to complete your unique personality furniture.

Wooden furniture2
Wooden furniture

Why choose it?

Who doesn’t like being followed? Each of us is working hard to do this, so you also want your home to be equally attractive. If you agree with me, choosing wooden furniture is a wise choice for you. It not only provides a better appearance, but is also durable and environmentally friendly. It can also catch the audience’s sight and soothe the audience’s mood. Its elegant and atmospheric appearance makes people feel refreshed. Keeping wooden furniture can make your house look like an antique and have more life style.

Oak or pine. Are you confused?

Are you confused when you want wooden furniture? Which kind of wood should I choose? Is it oak or pine? Well, to make the right choice, you must understand their nature. Both oak and pine can be used for furniture, and both are very elegant. Although oak is more expensive than pine, pine is lighter and oak is heavier, which makes furniture made of oak heavy. Buying oak furniture is more like an investment. Therefore, we believe that choosing pine wood will be a feasible and ideal choice.

Wooden furniture is now a large proportion of people choose furniture, because wooden furniture can bring a lot of different feelings of furniture made of other materials, and wooden furniture adds an elegant appearance. Unique charm and environmental protection properties have created its unique value!