Decorated rustic home

Whose life (or house) cannot use natural resources? Inject fresh energy into the room. Antique furniture is a very popular design fashion in home design. It injects natural decoration into the house in a surprising way.


What is country design?
The rustic interior design is defined by natural, organic lines and superb structure. outdoor. Features of country-style houses include:

The open layout allows a clear line of sight.
Huge windows can establish a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor.
The revealed architectural features of wood, rocks, and blocks highlight the authenticity of the structure.
Other designs can be included in adjacent natural elements, creating a pleasant dissonance.
Bassett Furnishings Distressed Wooden Coffee Box

Improve country style
The house with a unique country-style design requires interior design elements that complement the architectural style. This design can be identified by the all-natural structure, neutral colors, basic patterns, solid wood and all-natural light. Here are some ideas for decorating country houses:

The usage reveals that the wood beam as close as possible to its natural state provides warmth, lightness and rustic charm that attracts any place.
Use wide plank lumber for flooring and paneling. Choose natural or neutral spots or incomplete spots.
The fireplace imitates our original and true basic heat, and ensures that it provides natural warmth and beauty while also creating a rustic appearance. Use a lot of natural stone or bricks on the mantelpiece.
Paint the walls white to reduce the natural wood character of the house. Or incorporate other neutral, earth tones, which will not distract the natural feeling of the residence. Sandstone, rich tan and tan, and woodland eco-friendly and sage also bring the tranquility of nature into your house.
Only use natural textiles for upholstered furniture and carpets. Linen, wool, natural leather and canvas are all free choices.
With jute cushions, well-designed branches, woven baskets, and fascinating rock development and driftwood, including various natural rich structures.
Fill your country house with low-key flowers and plants. Guide you away from irritable, frivolous appearance. Dry eucalyptus, glass containers filled with succulents, and simple flower stands for Queen Anne’s shoelaces are excellent choices.
Choose window therapy to absorb as much natural light as possible and provide a simple and clear aesthetic for your rural residence.
What is country style furniture?
Country furniture commemorates the natural elements of a work, and it has become a complete piece of furniture. The surface area does not have to be smooth; they will appear weather-beaten or distressed. The material is usually wood, especially oak, cherry, maple or walnut; usually, the knots in the wood are more precious than the covered ones. The form is very simple, sometimes heavy, and the color is just as natural.


Customized traditional furniture has been developed,
The earliest antique furniture craftsman was Pastor Ben Davis. He started his craft creation in North Carolina in the early 1900s, which is very close to the establishment of Bassett Furnishings in terms of time and distance.

Today, we continue this craft and still use the old way (reading: difficult). The Bench * Made series is a line to showcase our country style furniture. Each piece is custom-made by craftsmen in Bassett, Virginia. We use red maple from the Appalachian region, so every product is 100% made in the United States. Our craftsmen develop custom country style furniture one by one. Would you definitely want a traditional clean edge? Or do you prefer a rustic, vivid tailored look? Let us understand your needs and we will produce Bench * Made items that suit your area.

We also provide the Heartland Pine series of furniture, including this Heartland Pine round alcoholic beverage table. This line preserves the natural characteristics of the wood, providing an informal appearance triggered by the random plank impact of the wood and the antique bronze knob.

If you like the look of the French countryside, please consider our Verona collection. Every item, including this Verona dressing table, can bring you an organic and comfortable atmosphere. The production line provides simple and comfortable sophistication.

We have inherited the tradition that Pastor Davis began a century ago: manufacturing top-quality furniture powered by nature and developed by artisans.

This is the design of the country house, and the meaning of this design is to inject fresh energy into the interior. The most representative of these is antique furniture, which injects natural decoration into the house in a surprising way.