DIY retro paint painting to rebuild retro sofa

With the passage of time, the old-fashioned furniture of the past may have disappeared a few years ago, but it has indeed reappeared in people’s vision in the past two years, and the popularity has not decreased.

retro sofa1
Retro sofa

Today, I have to do one thing-rebuild the retro sofa. I have seen vintage retro sofas that have been refurbished many times, and the last one I saw was a few painted with fabric, I was thinking why I can’t do this?

Painting the fabric of the sofa is actually very simple, and it can save a lot of time when refurbishing the sofa or lover’s seat, because you don’t need to redecorate. Plus bonus, usually you have extra paint on hand, so the price is not high!

Below I will guide you step by step how to refurbish a vintage retro sofa.

  1. How to cover an old sofa

Things to prepare for the project:

I. Selected paint and paint brush
II. Water and bowl or basin to hold water
III. Sanding machine, sandpaper, etc.
IV.Worx MakerX production tool
V. Paint Brush
VI. Rags or old towels
VII. Sealing machine of choice

  1. Before painting on the sofa

I have had this vintage retro sofa for a while now, but I am not sure if I am ready to start this project. I know it will be difficult and tedious to redo the entire sofa. I didn’t even plan to try it until I received the Worx MakerX tool. But I know that once I have the tools, I can easily complete this project.

Multifunctional tools allow me to really polish all small and narrow wood areas on the sofa. The following is the process I completed with paint on the sofa!

The first step is to remove the liner and hardware from the sofa
Begin to remove backing boards, nails or staples, and unnecessary fabrics from the sofa. I chose to remove all the backing and keep the paint on the front pad area. The sofa cushions were torn and torn, so I couldn’t use them to paint.

The second step is to paint the interior sofa
The color of the paint I used in this project is green, which is Benjamin Moore’s Chimmichuri color, with semi-gloss furniture paint. Add linen white Annie Sloan chalk paint as an auxiliary paint.

To paint fabric on the sofa, you need to do two things. Wet fabric and paint off the water. You want to dye the fabric more than the actual paint. Water the paint to make the fabric really wet, so that the fibers can absorb and dye instead of adding a thick layer on top.

I took out a piece of cloth from the back of the sofa to test the paint. Before painting the samples, I wet the fabric with a damp cloth.

In the upper left and upper right, I allocated 1:5 water proportionally for painting. There is almost no water. As you can see, it is thicker and once the sample dries, it makes the fabric stiff and too stiff.

In the lower left and right corners, the ratio of water to paint is 3:5. I only use half the paint and half the water. It dries lighter, but is soft to the touch. Dye the fabric so that it does not become stiff.

Then use a rag and a bowl of water to soak the fabric on the sofa. I got the rest of the entire back and sides wet.

I added water to the paint to a ratio of 3:5, and then painted the fabric. Painting becomes easier.

The first coat is now. I did not use the tape to peel off, because I have to sand the wood with sandpaper after painting.

After waiting 20 minutes for the first coat of paint to dry, I sanded the fabric with 120 grit sandpaper. Remove any roughness. Doing so will peel off the thicker paint and make it more comfortable to sit up later.

After the first polishing is completed. You will see that there are many spots that do not absorb the fabric. So I made another coat. Let it dry and sand once. So there are two coats of paint in total.

After both coats are dry, close it.

retro sofa2
Retro sofa

Step 3: Sandwood on the sofa
After painting the fabric, I will go down to the sand wood and paint green as well.

In this project, there are many small gaps and groves that need to be polished. Fortunately, I have the Worx MakerX production tool. It is convenient to sand in these small gaps.

The Worx MakerX unique tool combo kit is portable and plug-in battery makes it super easy to carry and use many types of projects. I used it to polish these small gaps and it worked well. The size of the precision tool is perfect for this job.

To use Worx MakerX, choose between multiple different heads. For this project, I used two different small sanding options. To change them, you can pull the top like a drill bit and unscrew the bottom. It only takes a few seconds to replace parts.

After making your choice, all you have to do is plug the handheld tool into the battery so you can carry it with you. Turn on the power and select the speed. The speed range is from slow to true. The battery can be used continuously.

Step 4 paint wood
After polishing, I painted the wood with green paint. I use the same paint brush and add it to the coat.

Step 5 Distress Wood
I chose to sand the wood with sandpaper to give it more texture and characteristics. I used 120 grit sandpaper.

The sixth step seal wood
I choose to use wax wood sealant to seal. I wiped a small amount with a paper towel.
After drying for 15 minutes, I wiped off the wax with a microfiber cloth and it was done.

Retro fabric painting sofa after review
After finishing all the operations, I added cushions to the sofa. 4 mats of size 20×20 are very suitable! The tufted sofa cushion comes from Target.

After adding cushions, the old retro sofa is rebuilt. Because my upholstery fabric is white, I only applied two layers. If the fabric is darker, plan to coat more.

I strongly suggest that you can carry out this simple DIY project. You can learn a lot in the process of doing this project. You can also re-recognize the history of vintage retro sofa.