Minimalist life: questioning the floor sofa

floor sofa1
floor sofa

Have you ever seen a house without a floor couch?

I think I don’t have one. I have seen my friend’s house, relative’s house and neighbor’s house. Since I was little, I have been thinking about the house I will live in later. I thought about the houses I saw on TV, movies and magazines.

From humble studios to multi-million dollar McMansions, from downtown to suburbs to shops, you can hardly find a living room without a floor couch.

When considering this decorative theme, I realized that our floor couch has always been a key to our decoration. Because when we look for a house or apartment, we first want to know how the layout will accommodate it. After moving in, we will spend some time trying its best orientation and placement (relative to the wall? At an angle? Facing a window or TV?). In some cases, we even bought new ones because the old ones did not fit our newly dug style or size.

Naturally, after finding an apartment in the UK, the first problem that appeared was the floor couch. We lived for two weeks without a piece of furniture (a paradise of minimalism!), but our backs became a little numb when sitting on the wooden floor.

Personally, I would choose to buy some floor mats and call it a day. Because no matter how comfortable the decoration of the room is, I usually lie on the floor. I feel more relaxed on the ground. Whether I am eating, reading or surfing the Internet, this is where you can usually find me.

However, this is only suitable when I live alone. When you have your significant other or guests, you can’t ask them to sit on the floor together. In order to make them have a more comfortable seat, So we began to find the way to floor couch. We spent a weekend conducting various searches on the Internet and visited many furniture stores to find the perfect floor couch for our new apartment. We studied a lot of every type (from futons to double seats to partitions) or collocations imaginable, and tried to imagine their appearance in an open-plan living room.

When your significant other suddenly asked you: “Do we really need a floor couch?”, we just chose a piece of furniture with a mid-century modern design.

floor sofa2
floor sofa

Do we really need floor couchs? Well, this is a good question. We took a break from shopping and had a discussion. Because we do not have a TV, we are not sure what the floor couch will face. In addition, we always have to sit side by side instead of facing each other, unless we buy some chairs. In this way, the more we think about it, the less the floor couch will attract us. Not to mention it may need more furniture to balance it.

therefore. We came to the conclusion that we not only do not need floor couchs, but also other furniture. We don’t even want one.

But does it feel strange? We all want to know what we think when a landlord, guest or family member comes to visit, and finally found an empty place where we should put the floor couch. But then we came to the conclusion: we have been considered a bit weird, because we quit our good jobs, gave up everything we had and moved to a foreign country. Why not go bankrupt to confirm our (already suspected) weirdness? Why not live in a house without a floor couch?

Therefore, instead of putting money on a bulky, expensive floor couch (one day we will have to resell it), we decided to adopt a lighter, mobile and versatile option: just to combine two IKEA Poang chairs and one The coffee table is placed in our Mini and is on the way. So far, we have completed the task of providing apartments.

Of course I am not suggesting that minimalists should not have floor couchs. I mean, we should first consider why we have our own jobs. We should adapt our property to our lifestyle, not the other way around. We should not have other things because of expectations, nor should we feel pressured because of having other things. We should be free to have only those things that meet our needs.

In our case, at this specific location and at this specific time, the floor couch cannot meet our needs, so we simply decided not to have one. So, what items are you sure you don’t need to own? I wish to know them!