Should i buy a black sofa

black sofa1
black sofa

It’s no secret that dark colors are rapidly becoming the new neutral tones, and this may tempt you to buy a black sofa. However, before you introduce a darkest color to the largest piece of furniture in your room, you need to consider the following decoration techniques.

If black is the new “neutral” color, should I buy a black sofa?

Since black is a new popular neutral color that is rapidly replacing the original neutral gray, I think it’s time to talk about black sofas. During the popular period in Tuscany, brown was the most common sofa color. During the gray trend, charcoal was the IT sofa. Now, it is back to the 80s, with forest green and black sofas.

Now, Tuscany brown (including golden beige) and gray sofas look outdated. White sofas are impractical sofas for many of us, so even though I know some of you have already considered this issue. But I think it’s time to share my thoughts on the black sofa.

I found some elegant appearances in the sofas sold on the market, such as velvet sofas. But overwhelmingly, most people feel vivid and insignificant. I think the current trend is moving towards a softer, more layered appearance.

Therefore, as you know, helping you get more color is my life mission. As I have said many times before: colors are always more eternal than the current popular neutral colors.

Black sofa is a matter of contrast

I think the current challenge for black sofas is that it becomes more difficult to introduce softness, especially color, into the room after the black sofa settles.

Black is a color with high contrast and graphic sense. Black is not all colors. The sofa is huge-this is an extremely heavy space with black. This is why black sofas are always more risky than gray or even brown sofas. They are a firm commitment to the heaviest color on earth.

black sofa2
black sofa

In the various images I have seen, many whites (including white walls) are used to balance the black sofa. But does the balance of opposites have the right to attract? Yes, but because black and white are extreme opposites. And the distance between them is so great that most of the time they look cold and vivid.

Contrast is one of the most important and challenging aspects of design, and the return of black sofas prompted this problem to surface.

What is the best color for the sofa?

I have always said that buying a sofa in the color you like is the most eternal choice.

This is the neutral of fashion and the fastest fusion. Especially dark and neutral. However, when people buy items with a single color and large items (such as sofas), they are very conservative in color. That’s too bad. Because when you put these things together in the same room, you only have so many places for uniform color injection. Such as sofas, carpets, accent chairs, walls and large artworks. However, you will notice that these are not some small and easy-to-buy products. So this is why so many people finally put all the rooms in the neutral state of the current “safe” fashion. kes! All safety-neutral designs are not good, brown, monotonous gray, black is definitely a disaster! It looks like the 80s.

I can only say that a big black sofa is a particularly challenging design element. I bet that in the long run, you will prefer to curl up with your favorite coral, green or blue sofa instead of black. Because the sofa used has a black interior, you will be forced to create a room that looks like an unsaturated photo. This will give people an uncomfortable feeling.

The black sofa is bossy

Because black enjoys its own unique colorless company. So you have to work harder to introduce colors into the palette.

Of course, some rooms have black sofas, which look good. But they look so specific and well thought out, far from simple and easy. I found that some sofas have dark walls, which can make the black sofas recede gradually.

If you want to create a gorgeous room, then a black glossy sofa is best for this room. However, if you want a casual, comfortable appearance and suitable for daily life, then a black sofa will not be good for you.

So, if you already have a black sofa, do you want to introduce some colors? Then you will need a lot of white, in addition, you can use warm cognac brown, dark and leafy green, and gold to balance it. Pink is also an excellent color in a warm black and white palette.

If you want to match a black sofa, it is best to choose a light-colored carpet. Dark carpet will make the room look heavy. The combination of the two looks very dull and uncomfortable.

Leopard print is a great way to repeat black and layering in warm gold and cognac tones.

Will the black sofa trend continue?

Yes. If you want to indulge in the black and white trend, I suggest you first introduce black in a smaller dose rather than the entire sofa.

This is my prediction: ten years from now, you can’t wait to get rid of the black sofa.

What do you think of this upcoming new black world? How would you create a comfortable room based on the black exterior and interior?